Anna Maria Locke

please don't stop the music


For some reason, I have been music-depriving myself lately.
All summer I had no internet, so I never turned on my computer to use iTunes
Then they came out with a new version or two and I was just too lazy to deal with it
(Plus having to figure out how to move my music to my new computer... yeah, way too much work)
Now I'm going to have to make an effort to find out what new artists have emerged while I've been in hibernation and return the music to my life!
I've rediscovered the site
It's a recording studio right in Rock Island that lets traveling up and coming indie rock bands stop by, record a few songs, and then puts the mp3 files on the site FOR FREE.  GO THERE.

Similarly, I don't even remember the last time I played piano. Maybe once this summer. I do know it's the longest I have gone since I started lessons in 4th grade. Um, I am now in what, 17th grade?!
I have already found the music building on campus; maybe this weekend I will crash the practice rooms and bust out the Debussy.

It's strange how sometimes, I am just not motivated or inspired to pursue the creative activities that make me who I am. I take my talent for granted and let it stagnate.