Anna Maria Locke

Anna and the Blustery Day

I don't know why I am so happy about fall this year.  The cool weather just feels so good!

(it doesn't look like this yet, but it will soon!)

I was also happy to wake up to no hip pain from my amazing run yesterday!  I biked to class after a frustrating morning trying to figure out how to transfer iTunes playlists from my iPod to my new computer (no success) and baking these banana coconut bars (with a coconut free, chocolate chip section for someone who does not like delicious coconut).  I arrived on campus WIIINDBLOWN!! Exercising in the cold windy weather is wiping me out!

I was not as productive as I'd hoped to be this morning, which is not good since I just realized our reading for Intro to Geog. Research (i.e. Geography bootcamp) is 160 dry boring pages eek!!  I want to catch up on school stuff before the weekend, because B is coming to visit me yay! We haven't seen each other in 4 weeks, due to field trips and car issues, so I'm excited (obviously) and already planning things to do. 

I like to make fun plans for life, because even if they never actually happen it gives me something to daydream about and look forward to.