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align with your hormone cycle for more fulfillment and flow

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DID YOU KNOW: Your menstrual cycle can be a life changing tool for personal, professional, and spiritual growth?

Beyond fertility, tracking your cycle can be your body’s own inner GPS system to guide you back home to who you truly are, underneath the self doubt, striving, and fears that hold us back.

Bye bye burnout and never feeling enough. Hello to an empowering, modern yet ancient philosophy and methodology that appreciates and leverages the unique strengths of our feminine energy.

Ever notice how you feel like a COMPLETELY different person at certain times of the month? One week you're full of energy, crushing your to-do list, high on life and setting crazy goals, then the next week you're super sensitive, having existential meltdowns, feel like a complete failure, and on and on.

What if you could learn how to trust your unique feminine energy to feel empowered and in control instead of crazy, and utilize the natural cycles of your body and the seasons to create more productivity, flow, and success in your business and life?

Wild Synchronicity is a self guided digital program for high achieving women that will teach you how to tap into your own body’s unique wisdom and how to “sync” or align your life, business, and self care practices with your cyclical energy for more productivity, alignment, and sustainable success.

Instead of pushing through when we're running on empty, we learn how to rest by listening to ourselves so we can show up and shine when we are at our most magnetic. 

This is for anyone who experiences monthly hormone shifts, whether or not you are on birth control, have a regular or MIA cycle, or are heading into menopause.

It’s really cool to be aware of where I’m at in my cycle and energy and be able to say I’m not doing client calls right now. I wasn’t aware of this before the course and it’s interesting for me to say NO to more things. It feels really good.
— Jocelyne C


If you're looking for...

+ a deeper understanding of your cycle and hormone shifts

+ a way to manage your physical, mental, and creative energy for peak productivity

+ a way to heal from burn out or fatigue while still achieving your goals

+ a way to reframe your inner critic and get out of “imposter complex”

+ a deeper connection to your own intuition and inner wisdom so you can trust yourself

+ confidence and clarity

+ better boundaries

+ thriving relationships

… Then this is for you!


DO THIS! It will change your life! Having this group, the tools with tracking, the information provided about our seasons and how we might feel was so mentally settling. I felt like I wasn’t broken. Before, when I would have an off day, I would get really down on myself.
Understanding more that my moods and drive in my business are also linked to my cycle and that I can work with it and plan accordingly is definitely more freeing!
— Kerri B.
My biggest takeaway? That it’s my responsibility to understand my body as a female entrepreneur, because that’s ultimately going to help me live a better life, serve my people, show up for people in my personal life and business. It all comes full circle.
— Kara E.
Taking this course after having come off of birth control a few months prior was one of the best decisions I could make. The world is a crazier place without artificial hormones controlling everything and having all this knowledge to implement and relearn how to listen to my body/what it needs was a game changer, actually a life changer.
— Betsy S.

What's Included

  • Immediate access to the 8+ modules of content and bonuses

  • Video lessons, audio files, transcripts, workbooks, journal prompts, and resources

  • BONUS: guest expert interviews

This program is unique in that most of the “work” is simply tuning into your own body, tracking your energy and cycle, and learning how to trust yourself.


You’ll be introduced to the four "seasons" of your cycle and how to align your life and work to your energy and strengths in each phase.

I love how it’s self-paced and you can go at your own speed. There’s no feeling like you’re behind or slacking. It didn’t feel like I was adding just another course or program or thing on my to-do list. I loved learning about my body and hormone shifts and felt like it added so much to my life rather than taking time away.
— Betsy S.



+ how to track your emotional/mental/physical energy every day to tune into your cycle

+ the background of masculine vs feminine energy and how to balance them

+ how to find harmony between the "hustle and flow"

+ defining and creating a new, intuitive, sustainable way of business

+ what if you don't have a perfect 28 day cycle or are on the pill?


+ intro to your "inner seasons"

+ shadow work: embracing your dark goddess and inner critic, and re-defining PMS

+ applying your cyclical wisdom and knowledge to your work flow

+ creating weekly/monthly self care rituals

+ letting go of your attachment to structured plans and creating space for spontaneity, abundance, and flow


  • more clarity around your energy, business vision, daily and weekly schedule

  • lighter energy and lower levels of stress

  • dissolve imposter syndrome, scarcity mindset, blocks, self sabotage

  • more efficient and productive weekly work flow

  • rest and take time off to live your life without anxiety or guilt

  • a deeper, powerful connection to your body and intuition

  • more impactful and aligned launches, social media messaging, client attraction

  • tons of wisdom you can share and pass down to your own clients!

  • and so. much. more.

Bonus Guest Expert Interviews

Get the Best Celebrity Looks.png
  • Empowering Yourself with Body Literacy with holistic women’s health coach Melissa Danielle

  • Feminine Energy + Conscious Conception with Lindsay Schroeder of Our & Are

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine Through the Art of Receiving with spiritual life and business coach Zhanna Romm

  • Sexual Liberation with sexual confidence coach Meagan Ward

  • Creating a Soulful Feminine Brand with Emily Positano, Founder and CEO of Made Manifest Brands.

You just have to experience it. It’s really empowering and I am doing this for myself. We are becoming more comfortable with talking about (cycles), it’s normal and we shouldn’t suppress ourselves and our power.


Receive immediate access to the full program for just one payment of $444, or 3 monthly payments of $166.

Would you like some extra accountability or individual support? The VIP Upgrade is for you! Add 3 x 60 minute coaching calls with Anna, for just $900 or 3 monthly payments of $333. This is the most cost effective way to work with Anna in a 1:1 capacity, you basically get Wild Synchronicity for free!


In the meantime, grab your free copy of my e-book, Cycle Sync Your Business!


Meet Anna

I am so excited to be your guide into a deeper understanding of your body, energy, creativity, and ultimately your full potential for happiness and success in life and biz!

As a certified life coach, I’m passionate about helping other multipassionate, ambitious women get out of their own way so they can show up fully and live out their vision for a bold, creative, inspired life.

I started tuning into my cycle in 2016 when I quit the birth control pill. I was amazed to re-discover the shifts and swings in my energy, mindset, mood, creativity, basically how our hormones control EVERYTHING in our lives. As an entrepreneur, I knew that tapping into these shifts would allow me to show up more powerfully in my business, and that I also needed to learn how to give myself permission to rest without feeling guilty so I didn’t burn out.

It turns out that our cycles are the perfect built in navigation system for our businesses, our lives, our relationships, even our spiritual connection to the bigger creative forces of God/Universe/Source energy and wisdom.

Over the past two years of practicing cycle awareness and undertaking my own education through courses and books, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and teach you how to become your own best mentor and guide too!


  • Q: I have a lot on my plate right now... what is the time and energy commitment?

    • A: Girl, I hear you! I know you're probably a fellow course-addict like me, and are cautious about adding one more online program into your life. I also know you are probably multi-passionate, juggling multiple priorities, family, side hustle to the side hustle, summer travel, personal shit, all the things. THAT IS THE POINT! This program is NOT about adding another to-do to your load. It's about creating a framework (think: new operating system) in which to run the rest of your life more smoothly. Think about how it would feel to be able to flow through your busy summer season feeling completely supported, with less stress, burnout, overwhelm... if you could trust yourself completely and know you are exactly where you need to be? If you had a small squad of like minded women in your corner? And a life and business coach to help you unravel all your blocks and limiting beliefs and feel confident and on fiyahhhh? That's what this is all about. This course will most likely GIVE you more time, energy, not to mention sanity back!

      NO TIME TO WATCH VIDEOS? You also receive audio files for all the video content so you can listen on the go!

  • Q: Will the investment be worth it?

    • A: Remember that INVESTMENTS HAVE RETURNS. Whenever you invest in yourself and truly apply the work, you will see so much exponential growth. Mentally, emotionally, internally, and also TANGIBLE CASH MONEY as you dropkick your excuses, see what is truly possible for you, get clarity on our energy and work flow, put yourself out there with confidence, and open space to receive more clients and money.

  • Q: I am on the birth control pill//hormonal BC, does this still apply to me?

    • Absolutely, and I have a special bonus video inside the program just for you!! Even when you’re putting a steady dose of hormones into your body, you might still find that you have energy fluctuations throughout the month. You can also practice cycle syncing and cyclical living by using the phases of the moon. Your experience will be DIFFERENT, but not LESS THAN. In fact, you have some special advantages going for you that will make cycle awareness and tracking even easier.

      If you’re considering or planning to go off hormonal birth control in the near future, this program will give you a wonderful foundation to make the transition as easy and successful as possible.

    • Kara’s story (wedding photographer): "For me, being on the pill and cycle tracking has been very easy to track and anticipate changes as I move from season to season within my cycle. Having regular periods allows me to plan out and cycle sync my biz even further because I can anticipate what my body is going to do. I have my period days tracked out by season on my calendar, so when I am scheduling sessions and client calls especially, I am easily be in tune with where my body will be at and what type of work will best fit at that time. It’s been beneficial to track my cycle while on the pill because I can better understand my body, the seasons of my cycle, and truly be more in tune to listen to my body. I would tell someone that is considering the program AND on the pill that it is what you make it - if you put in the honest effort to understand your body and track even while on the pill, you will see a positive transformation in your life and business because you are listening to your body! Here’s a screenshot of today’s calendar day (in red) to show you how I incorporate it into my calendar. When scheduling things, I turn on my “cycle calendar” and try to plan with my cycle that way."

  • Q: I do not have a regular cycle, does this still apply to me?

    • This is something only you can decide for yourself! Feel into it.

    • Kerri's Story (health and fitness coach): This program will change your life! I've always had an irregular cycle, even got pregnant after not having a period for three months (yeah I'm way irregular!)… then I had a stent of "regular", having my period every month for almost a year (which has NEVER happened since I was 15... I'm 33 now!). I was honestly getting into a "oh ok cool, this is what having a period every month feels like" … and then life trauma of surgery, traveling and business stresses and BOOM.. no period. At first, I FREAKED! Having this group, the tools with tracking, the information provided about our seasons and how we might feel was so mentally settling. I felt like I wasn't broken. I felt like, ok, my amazing body is doing something weird here, let's see what it is. Let's track and watch how my amazing body progresses. I felt much more "in control" of my body, even when it was doing something that was not on track. If someone is nervous about "cycle syncing" when you feel like your cycle isn't even "synced" to begin with, I'd say, DON'T BE! One of the best ways to figuring out your crazy amazing body, is to track, to learn and to improve. I feel like I am more regular than I've ever been, even with missing a period.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or trained medical practitioner. The content of this program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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