Anna Maria Locke


Let it Happen

Ready to ditch the fears that are holding you back from stepping into your full potential as a leader and CEO of your business?

It takes what I call COURAGEOUS AUTHENTICITY to build a heart centered business that's an expression of who you are, because it forces us to

(A) figure out who we are in the first place and

(B) get super vulnerable and bare our souls to the internet and world !!

In my 5 years of online business I've realized that we all deal with pretty much the exact same fears: fear of rejection, judgment, failure, success, no one signing up for our stuff, not ever finishing what we start...

But the world needs you to get out of your own head and share your gifts!

In this 3 part mindset training you'll learn:

  • the difference between letting it happen and making it happen... and why finding harmony is so important

  • the two core fears that are holding you back

  • how to overcome imposter complex... aka "who am I do to this??"

  • how to tell when to lean into resistance, and when to pivot or actually back off when you feel like you're stuck

  • the secret link between your creativity and your hormones that will unlock your manifesting super powers

... and more!

This training series is applicable to creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and network marketing professionals -- basically anyone who's putting their heart on the line to serve others and make money online!

All the business strategies in the world won't bring you success if you haven't done the inner mindset work to unravel what's holding you back.

What’s Included

  • Immediate access to the 3 video modules (30-45 mins each) plus journaling workbooks for each module.

  • This is a self paced digital course.