Anna Maria Locke

Are you ready to finally stop holding yourself back, sister?
It's time to shake things up.

I see you, gorgeous girl.

You're out there hustling, striving, and working hard.

You have a heart of gold and a drive for chasing huge goals. You've been through a lot, and you know you have the strength and resilience to make it past any challenge life throws your way.

Your family, friends, and co-workers know they can depend on you to show up and be there whenever they need help.

But when was the last time you took a second to hit the pause button and show up for YOU?

You can't pour from an empty cup.

And deep down you're feeling lost and empty, and need to change lanes ASAP because you're in the fast lane to burn-out city, watching life fly by before your eyes.

Maybe you have it all on the outside, but deep down you know you want more. You were made for more...but you don't know where to start so you keep numbing and distracting yourself with the wrong kind of more: work, busy, emotional eating, everyone else's goals, striving, did I mention work?

It's never enough.

Full plate, empty spirit.
Quarter life crisis.

Call it what you will. It's a syndrome I know all too well!

It's time to align with your purpose, step into your full power, and create an inspired life and business that will change the world.

I'm Anna! Life coach for ambitious, high performing women who need to get out of their heads and into their hearts so they can show up fully as themselves, create a life that lights them up, and elevate the impact they're making on the world.

I specialize in helping visionary women like you ditch perfectionism to find the sweet spot between your ambition and drive and your creativity and spirit so you can create a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. 

I'm good at what I do because I have first hand experience in going from anxious-overwhelmed-lost to feeling happy, fulfilled, and on purpose. I've held 18 jobs, earned 2 degrees, recovered from workaholism, built three profitable dream businesses from scratch, experienced too many breakdowns and breakthroughs to count, and have somehow made it out on the other side to a quiet and beautiful place of faith and confidence in myself and girrrrrl, it's been a TRIP!

I've learned how to slow down, heal my anxious spirit, trust myself and God's plan, and most of all wake up (most mornings) feeling completely aligned and in love with who I'm meant to be.

I'm super passionate about using my own experiences to help other women like you navigate and take ownership of this crazy adventure called life, become your own best friend, and find your happy place too.

You can read my full story HERE!

I promise to keep it real, obliterate your excuses, and most of all teach you how to feel good and have fun along the way.

Life is short and you were created for a purpose -- so stop hiding from the dreams that are pulling on your heart. It IS possible to have everything you want, and it all starts with making the decision to go for it.

I'll believe in you until you're strong enough to believe in yourself, and help you chart your course on the new and exciting blank territory ahead. 

Let's take the pressure off and get back in the game!


How can I support you?

3 month transformational life coaching program

  • 6 x 60 min sessions
  • Deep dive lifestyle assessment
  • Intentional goal setting
  • Unlimited email and Voxer support
  • Customized worksheets and resource recommendations

This package is for...
high performing women who desire clarity around their purpose and vision, deep and lasting transformation, are ready to commit to up-leveling every area of their life. We will focus on your relationship with yourself, shifting limiting beliefs, and feeling 100% in love with who you are. Your "best self" you've been searching for? She's already here. Let's unleash her.

Want to explore if this is the right fit? Click the button to book a complimentary mini-mastermind sesh where we'll jam on your vision and goals:


Life and Business Immersion

  • 6 x 60 min sessions
  • 3 x 90 minute intensives to dive into your business (think: launch your website, create aligned packages, make an opt-in, create a social media plan, discover your soul-mate client, etc)
  • Deep dive lifestyle assessment
  • Intentional goal setting
  • Unlimited email and Voxer support
  • Customized worksheets and resource recommendations

This package is for...
women who are in the process of launching an online business, or taking their existing biz to the next level and want guidance and support to create an authentic presence and sustainable flow. We'll also work through all the "stuff" that comes up when you expand and put yourself out there (fear, doubt, imposter syndrome) so you won't get in your own way!

Custom & Bespoke packages available - email me to discuss your vision and needs

Client Love!

You were a joy to work with! You are an extremely inspiring individual and have a natural ability to relate to people and help them with whatever is going on in their life. Keep on doing your thing, Anna, the world needs more of your light! My new mantra is “my plate is full and its delicious!
— Heather Strobel

When we first connected I had lost sight of what I truly wanted from my business and life. I just started Karate again after a 6 year break and was just overwhelmed of all the things I wanted to achieve. The biggest change I've noticed after working together is that I am living true to myself and do whatever I want to do. I started listening to my own voice and now I am more focused and driven to really get my business started. I am confident that my life will unfold the right way. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me the last 6 months. You had such a great impact on me and I am so inspired to continue my life and business.
-Jocelyne Clémençon, Life Coach & Graphic Designer

After our first meeting, I knew that Anna was the right coach to work with because I could relate to her mindset and how she would help me set goals would make them actually achievable. Now I am much more confident in who I am and feel much more passionate about the ideas I have and will see them through. The biggest change I have noticed is I am much more focused and confident in my abilities. I am setting time for all of my goals and slowly building them to see actual results, and I am much more interested and content with things I have to do so that I can do the things that I want to.
-Kristen Bock

Before working with Anna, I was sick of feeling stuck in a rut, needed to take some time to focus on my goals, and wanted help pointing me in the right direction. Now I have a clearer approach towards my next career move, I've gotten into a healthy fitness routine, and my Beautycounter business is doing the best it has been. All positive things, and I'm loving it! It makes me feel good, accomplished, and like my goals are within reach!
-Jenna Webb

I knew that I had it in me to navigate entrepreneurship and reinventing/meeting the "new me"  - but I had no idea where to start. 

I was overwhelmed - mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I knew that with your help, you could give me the tools or the exercises to find and uncover this new me.  

Thank you Anna so very much for your coaching, guidance, and friendship. I feel more creatively inspired than I have felt in years and I am so excited to hit the ground running and become truly what I believe I was always meant to be.
-Deidre Wilson, health coach

Anna - you have changed my life forever. I feel optimistic for the first time. I no longer look at only the negative. This is helping my business in huge ways, helping me set huge goals and diving into the goals with my entire team on board with me. It's helped my relationships in huge ways as well. My entire life has shifted permanently. I have learned to slow down, to take my time, to take care of myself and to unplug. There is a time to take care of others and there is a time to take care of myself too. I have learned healthy habits that I will continue to use that allow me to feel present, happy and guilt free. I feel like I have more balance in my life now. Rather than coasting through life with stress and guilt, I find positive things that I can do to help transpire change. My life feels really good now and I can’t say I have ever felt this as peace before. I have a new outlook on life now and it is ALL thanks to you. 
-Jess Dukes, Elite health and fitness coach

So much shifted for me in the end. I realized that I am worth taking care of and worth following my heart and my feeling about things. I learned that I have to be kinder to myself and have a better relationship with myself before changing anything else in my life. If I had to describe our work together in three words, they would be enlightening, motivating, and loving.
-Tveen Verano, Registered Dietitian
 credit: Jessica Evans

credit: Jessica Evans

My husband has noticed that I am happier & more positive!  He has mentioned that to me.  My friends & coworkers have noticed a shift in my business & a huge leap in my numbers. I have more confidence and I am more straightforward when it comes to fighting for what I think I deserve.  I used to let people walk all over me & avoided confrontation like the plague.  Now, I am standing up for myself. I have become more assertive, developed boundaries with my business, and prioritized my family time.  Now they get what THEY deserve too.  :)
-Lacey Nelson, Health Coach

Anna made me feel like it was normal and like everyone (especially women) struggles with feeling like they are the only ones who struggle! I felt some shifts in understanding myself a little better and realizing I am harder on myself than I need to be and I have made more strides than I thought. I think the biggest change is just recognizing that I have come a long way in understanding myself and my needs - and even though I’m not perfect, I have and do continue to make strides in different areas of my life.
-Kaiti Tucker, Graphic Designer + Yoga Instructor