Anna Maria Locke

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Do you ever feel like it would be so easy to create the life and business of your dreams … if you could just get out of your own way?

Or maybe you just set some scary big 2019 goals for your business and are hitting the “oh shit” overwhelm point… how am I going to make all this happen?

There’s a lot of hype these days around learning how to find alignment and flow.

What the heck is "flow," anyway?

It seems to be the opposite of fear. A mystical state of being where we can eliminate stress and hustle and turn our days into a smooth lazy river, trusting that everything we need and want is coming our way.

But what I’m discovering is that we won't ever understand what it feels like to be in flow if we remain stuck inside our heads. And we can't hustle or strive our way to flow, either.

What would happen if we stopped spending all our energy overthinking, over planning, trying to overcome all our fears and struggles … and just decided to show up as ourselves IN THIS MOMENT?

What if we could find a balance or harmony between hustle and flow, because we're a little Type A and love to get shit done?

What if we decided to stop believing the voices of fear/scarcity/hustle and started getting back in touch with our bodies, hearts, and inner truth?

WOW, I wasn’t expecting to shed some tears today!! I can’t tell you how amazing I felt after following the journal prompts - it really set my day off on an amazing foot, and I feel already as though a small shift is occurring...This was a lightbulb moment for me and I can’t wait to continue exploring, learning, and creating on this journey!
— Alexandra K.

Introducing Fear and Flow

A bite sized, results-oriented self paced digital program for courageous entrepreneurs and overachievers who want to explore what it would be like to get out of their heads, stop holding themselves back, and feel confident, happy, and successful RIGHT NOW in the present moment.

  • Learn how to feel the feels and use your fear in a POSITIVE way instead of numbing out with overwork//emotional eating//procrastination//etc.

  • Find your sweet spot between hustle and flow so you can stop feeling burned out or constantly guilty for not being able to do it all.

  • Figure out how to "go with the flow" in your own life, whatever season you're at right now.

  • Start setting business and personal goals from a place of purpose, passion, and love instead of feeling like you're never good enough.

  • Learn how to TRUST yourself and use your inner wisdom to guide your decisions, instead of constantly second guessing or searching for the next expert, e-course, coach, personal development book, or magical solution.

What you will gain

CLARITY -- Figure out where you’re blocking yourself, how to find your flow, and what actually matters for you right now. Let's clear the crap and clutter. This is like Marie Kondo-ing your mind!

CONFIDENCE -- Expect to walk away from this experience with a sense of personal power and confidence to set boundaries, release pressure or goals that don’t actually serve you, and chase your dreams without self doubt or comparing yourself to others.

COURAGE -- It’s not about being fearless. Courage comes from using your fear as rocket fuel, instead of something "bad" to be overcome. Empower yourself to be vulnerable and authentic, process your feelings, share your truth, and build your dream business or movement WITH your fear so you can experience more joy and happiness as well.

COMMUNITY -- Fear and Flow will be held within a private Facebook group, because I believe in the power of collaboration, community, and connecting with like-minded women who are on the same path. 

Love this video - we’re never *actually* overwhelmed because we can’t realistically be doing a million things at once. Wow...this is a seriously life changing way to look at anxiety

What to expect

  • Instant access to three video modules where I will guide you deeper through each day’s topic

  • A printable workbook with daily writing assignments

  • BONUS: replays of live group coaching calls

  • BONUS: how to tell the difference between Anxiety vs Growing Pains

  • BONUS: 8 books to help you release fear and find your flow

This isn’t just another e-course, masterclass, or training that you’ll put on the back burner.

I'm not just dumping you with more knowledge or information, because I know that YOU KNOW exactly what you need already.

This is a framework on which you’ll transform your daily approach to life and business, and a way to adventure back home to yourself.

I'm right here in the trenches with you, sharing what I'm learning as I'm learning it, and also everything I've discovered about creating a wholehearted, purpose driven life and business.