Anna Maria Locke

Health and Fitness Coaching for Beginners!

June 2015Anna LockeComment
health and fitness coaching for beginners

I am super excited to be launching a new adventure: long-term health and fitness coaching for BEGINNERS !!!

As you probably know, I’ve been running online health and fitness accountability groups as a Beachbody coach for over a year now, and have been able to help almost 200 women on their weight loss journeys by using at-home fitness programs and simple, portion control meal plans.

I open my challenge groups to anyone, with any goal and from every walk of life, but I’m realizing that when you’re JUST getting started or have a significant amount of weight to lose, it can be really intimidating at first. It's hard for me to meet the needs of everyone in one group, since our goals and struggles are so personal.

Plus once the group ends, everyone drifts off and it's hard to maintain results.

So I have a BIG DREAM of running a longer term (3+ month) challenge group EXCLUSIVELY for women who are brand new to healthy eating and fitness and/or have long term weight loss and health goals.

Women who are ready to commit, put in the work, invest in themselves, and literally change their own lives. 

Women who are ready to completely OVERHAUL their habits one step at a time, and make healthy their "default."

+ New moms who want to find themselves again.

+ Empty-nesters or friends of my mom who feel like they are "too old" for my regular challenges

+ Women who have tried diets in the past but haven’t found one that keeps the weight off, who might have 30 or 50+ pounds to lose and are intimidated by even thinking about it. 

+ Women who are busy, who want more energy or need to lower their blood pressure, who want a SUSTAINABLE and do-able plan that will also meet the needs of your hectic schedule and family. 

+ Women who have tried everything and are super skeptical that they'll be able to actually get results and keep the weight off.

+ Women who want to HAVE FUN learning how to eat healthy and get fit!

I want to take away the intimidation factor and make the process fun by providing a safe, welcoming, private Facebook community of other women who are all starting at ground zero together. 

I'll teach you the basics of healthy eating, how to meal plan and grocery shop, what a balanced diet looks like using the 21 Day Fix portion control plan, how to set up your schedule so that you can overhaul your health from the inside out.

I'll provide emotional support through the process as you break-up with the old you and redefine yourself.


xo Anna