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What is Beachbody Coaching?


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If you’ve spent any time with me in the past few months, you’ve probably been subjected to a non-stop gushfest on Beachbody, coaching, and Shakeology. Sorry I’m not sorry!

I am literally obsessed with being an independent Team Beachbody coach and it has completely changed my life, so I thought it was high time to share a little more about what it’s all about! To be honest, this post has been brewing in my head for a couple weeks and it's been pretty hard to braindump my thoughts out onto the blog, simply because it is a topic that means so much to me right now. So tonight I am plastering my butt to the couch and I’m not going to move until I hit “publish!” Here we go...

The backstory:

I know that everyone north of the Mason-Dixon line suffered this past winter, and it seemed to be particularly tough time for me. I was probably dealing with some mild seasonal affective disorder, and I had this constant frustrating feeling that something was “off” or missing, and this void was preventing me from meeting my full happiness potential. In the meantime, I had been growing quite the motivating community through my health and fitness-focused Instagram account, and the relationships I was building through that platform were pretty much getting me through each day and holding me accountable to maintaining a positive outlook. 

All winter, my friend Deidre had been telling me about this company Beachbody that she was affiliated with, and how after joining this coaching team she had basically turned her entire life around and was achieving these crazy awesome accomplishments. Like, she was literally SPARKLING with energy and positivity and had been creating these amazing opportunities for herself out of seemingly thin air. I wanted to know her secret, I wanted to take my Instagram community and personal fitness journey to the next level, and I wanted to burn off the Polar Vortex fluff, so when she told me about this brand new program being released in February (the 21 Day Fix), I was all in. I was already in love with Beachbody's superfood/protein supplement, Shakeology, so since I was literally drinking the KoolAid I decided to enroll as a coach right away for the 25% discount and see what could happen! Let's be real--the potential to earn some extra cash on the side sounded pretty tempting too.

Here's the absolutely crazy part: even though I had no clue what I was getting myself into, I had this feeling of certainty deep inside in my core, the exact same feeling I've experienced only one other time in my life--the day I met Ben. We all saw how that turned out, so I knew I had to trust my intuition!

I came into this opportunity knowing five things about myself:

1. Health and fitness are enormous components of my life.

2. Nothing makes me happier than using my life experiences to help other people.

3. I love sharing knowledge.

4. I am motivated by a challenge.

5. If there is a way to make a hobby or passion into a side business, I am all over that!

Well, since March I have led dozens of amazing, motivated women through the 21 Day Fix and everyone who has committed to the program has seen RIDONKULOUS results. I still can't get over how these programs actually work!! And now I am addicted to running Challenge Groups, sharing my experiences, and motivating others to help take the first step towards their fitness goals!

The company

Ok, so I am extremely skeptical of "get rich quick"/"too good to be true" schemes and am majorly turned off by hard-sell tactics and the network marketing model in general due to my introverted personality (and a SUPER uncomfortable experience Ben and I had in the dingy basement of a creepy hotel with a kitchen goods presenter... *shivers*), so you can imagine I did my research before signing my life away to Beachbody just to make sure that there weren't strings attached to this coaching business. 

Conclusion: nope, no strings attached. No overhead. No requirements to buy OR sell product. Basically no risk, but unlimited potential for growth if you really want to take your business to the top. The structure and tools are there, you just plug in and see where you want to take it with the time that you have to set aside, and the main mission is to build relationships and help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives. Alright, sign me up!

The more I learn about Team Beachbody, the more confident I am in this organizationnot only the products but the stability and integrity of the company itself. Founded in 1998, Beachbody at its core is an American health and fitness brand that is famous for its renowned and results-oriented at-home fitness programs created by celebrity trainers. Have you ever seen an infomercial for P90X or Insanity? Yup, that's Beachbody. 

Beachbody created the coaching opportunity almost a decade after the company was originally founded. When they realized they were getting so many sales through customer recommendations, they decided to open up the opportunity to reward their best customers for sharing their positive experiences and so Beachbody became a direct sales company (although come on, who can resist an infomercial like this...). Coaching is essentially the same thing as being a preferred discount customer, distributor, affiliate, or representative. Since transitioning into this network marketing model, Beachbody has grown exponentially and is now number 39 out of the top 100 direct sales companies in the world. Yup, it's legit.

Anyone can sign up to be a coach, whether you are a complete fitness newbie or personal trainer, doctor/lawyer/teacher/zoo educator, if you have lost 150 pounds or have 150 pounds to lose, if you want some extra accountability, want to help others, want some extra income to supplement your full time salary, or want to build a six-figure national health and fitness empire.

What do Beachbody coaches do?

-They love Beachbody products (Shakeology and fitness programs) because the products work. And Shakeology is deserves its own blog post.

-They use their stories to share the products with other people who might also benefit.

-They run online Challenge Groups -- aka support and accountability groups.

-Coaches are committed to building relationships and making sure that each client has the most successful experience possible and moves at least one step forward towards reaching their ultimate fitness goals -- whether that is to simply gain a little muscle tone or lose 100+ pounds. There is LITERALLY a program for everyone, no matter your fitness background or level!

-Coaches do some sort of "personal development" every single day, to make sure they are constantly striving to become the best version of themselves possible in every aspect of life, and to have a positive inner relationship with themselves.

The only actual financial commitment: a $15/month coaching fee to maintain your websites. Coaches then receive 25% off all products, and allllll the support and training you could possibly need.

When you become a coach, you are essentially starting your own health and fitness-based business. You're not an employee of the company, but you become an independent distributor, which is kind of like being a contractor. What sets Beachbody apart as a company, however, is that as a coach I am not just “selling” things -- I get to work one on one with people to help encourage and motivate them. Let's face it. Making a change relating to your health or fitness is REALLY REALLY HARD and scary, and it's almost impossible to succeed alone! As a coach, I make sure you're not alone. It’s incredibly rewarding for me, and it also makes sure I’m staying accountable to my personal goals at the same time!

What I’ve gained through becoming a "coach":

-The confidence to OWN who I am.

-Motivation to stick to my own workouts and nutrition.

-Friendships with amazing women around the country who are just like me.

-The ability to believe in my dreams.

-The power to help women gain confidence, feel strong and empowered, re-define their relationship with food, and the privilege to be that little boost of light and support in someone's life. 

-I'm living and sharing my philosophy: Eat more, eat better, enjoy life, “treats not cheats,” do not feel guilty, work towards being better than you were yesterday and you can achieve anything.

-A family of crazy awesome people on my team who share my exact same values and passions.

-An opportunity to run my own business and make a side income through doing what I love.

I have also been able to meet women just like me and mentor them as coaches on my own growing team, and it feels like going into business with my best friends. It's incredible how you just feel that CLICK when you put your heart out there. You end up crossing paths with people who just get you. I can't even describe it. It's amazing. 

Coaching is apparently that “thing” that I didn’t even know I was missing. A catalyst that is bringing all aspects of my life into one clear focus. I guess you know that you’ve unearthed your passion when you find something you literally can’t stop thinking or talking about. Ben can confirm this...he thinks I am going insane and maybe that’s true, but it’s definitely a good kind of crazy ;)

Do you want to get involved?

I would be SUPER excited to chat more about your health and fitness goals and help you take that first step, whether you want to learn how to meal plan and eat a healthier, whole-foods based diet, do a single push-up, lose pounds or inches, or just have the confidence to feel fabulous in that one pair of jeans ( know the pair).  You are NOT alone! If I could do it, you can too, and you can get me as your Beachbody Coach for absolutely free! 

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If you are passionate about health and fitness and want to learn more about paying it forward and building a side business through helping others, please reach out! Obviously I love talking about this opportunity--and I would love to have you join the team! You can learn more about our mission HERE

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xo Anna